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Were You Diagnosed With Ovarian Cancer This Year?

Any type of cancer can be scary, and you immediately are going to want to find out everything you can that will help you. From treatments to lifestyle changes to survival rates and alternative medicine, people search every corner. Have you recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer? If so, then you’re full of questions. Let me tell you, those doctors are full of questions, too.

They still aren’t sure exactly what the causes are for ovarian cancer. They do think it has to do with genetics, and they also think another link could be an increase in hormones. How many women would you think can say that they have been diagnosed with this type of cancer this year along with you? It might help you to know that there are going to be around 20,000 other women who can say they have been diagnosed this year like you. Of course, that’s a high number of women, and as with other forms of cancer, there is a great concern and push for cancer research when it comes to ovarian cancer.

Don’t let the numbers get you down because you’re a survivor. It’s unfortunate that so many women die from ovarian cancer each year. Without looking at the survival rates, you can look at two numbers and get a clear picture of how bad a problem ovarian cancer is in this country. Some cancers are more deadly than others, and while ovarian cancer isn’t the deadliest, the numbers aren’t so good. For example, take the year 2012.

There were 20,785 ovarian cancer diagnoses during 2012, and now consider the fact that there were over 14,000 deaths from ovarian cancer in the same year. Another statistic about ovarian cancer is out of all the cancer diagnoses, only three percent of them are ovarian cancer. That just shows you how bad cancer is getting and that we need to do something about it. If you have ovarian cancer, search out everything you can to help and spread the word about what you find.

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Cervical Cancer Screenings Have Helped Save Many Lives

Do you have or know someone who has cervical cancer? Fortunately, the mortality rate for cervical cancer isn’t as high as the mortality rate for certain other cancers, but it’s still deadly. For example, you can look and see that a little over 12,000 cervical cancer diagnoses were reported in 2012, and that is in contrast to the number of cervical cancer deaths that year, which was a little over 4,000. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a 33 percent mortality rate for cervical cancer patients, but it gives you an idea of what the numbers are anyway.

While it was mentioned that cervical cancer doesn’t have as high of a death rate as other cancers, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, years ago at one point, cervical cancer was actually the #1 cause of death, of course for women. Many things have helped out the survival rates for cervical cancer patients, but what do you think is the top reason? It’s actually early screenings that have made that possible in many ways.

It’s very interesting reading about cervical cancer and how it’s spread. There is a lot of information about how the virus that causes the cancer can be spread sexually. Now, it doesn’t mean the virus is going to turn into cervical cancer, however, as it can simply go away, too. Or, if you can believe it, it can turn into genital warts as well.

There is so much other information out there to learn about cervical cancer. The importance of screenings is evident. Not only does it help to learn more about the PAP test, but it’s also important to know the symptoms of cervical cancer so that you can be on alert. Is it time for you to get a cervical cancer screening?